At what patient’s age can we start to treat malocclusion?
The Polish Orthodontic Society recommends that children receive an orthodontic check-up as soon as possible. The first orthodontic visit can be as early as at the age of 2-3, but it should definitely occur before the age of seven.

How should I prepare for orthodontic treatment?
Before the start of orthodontic treatment, and especially prior to fitting fixed braces, all teeth must:

  • undergo hygienisation;
  • be healthy;
  • have gums without any signs of inflammation (loosening, redness, bleeding, pain).

Are there age limits to receiving orthodontic treatment?
The commonly held view that orthodontic correction is not possible in mature persons is a myth that still lingers among many Poles. Meanwhile, the opposite is true. Age is not a contraindication for treatment of malocclusion, also in adulthood. You can (and should) undergo the teeth straightening process, and it will benefit not only your beauty and well-being, but also your health.

Can fixed braces be fitted only either on the upper jaw or the lower jaw?
In the majority of cases – no. Teeth function properly if the contact between the upper and lower dental arch is correct, and the interdental triad is maintained properly (i.e. contact of opposing teeth between the maxilla and the mandible). Changing the position of the teeth in one jaw automatically affects the position of the neighbouring teeth, and the teeth in the opposite jaw. Very rarely it happens that the patient is treated with braces on just one jaw. This applies to minor adjustments in adults, for whom it sometimes is possible to fit only one orthodontic brace, or just part of it.

Is the process of fitting braces painful?
The process of fitting braces is not painful. The only inconvenience is that for about an hour you have to stay in a chair in the orthodontist office with your mouth open. However, after several hours, your teeth may become slightly tender and sensitive to biting. At that time we recommend eating only soft foods and drinking cool drinks. After a few days all symptoms disappear.