In most children, the teeth overlap (causing dental crowding), which is a symptom, as well as a warning sign, that the child’s jaw and face are not developing properly. Such symptoms may be visible as early as the age of three.

Can overlapped teeth (dental crowding) be prevented?

Dental crowding causes dysfunctions in the oral cavity, such as mouth breathing and abnormal swallowing. To prevent serious problems later in life, these dysfunctions can, and should be treated as quickly as possible. Early intervention also produces results that cannot be achieved once the face and jaw have fully developed.

Are there any corrective methods for overlapped teeth?

At DentaCare we solve such orthodontic problems using innovative appliances instead of braces, and we encourage early treatment. We use the state-of-the-art Myobrace® dental appliances to correct abnormalities in growing children and improve oral and facial development, allowing children to develop according to their genetic potential.

How does the Myobrace orthodontic treatment work?
The Myobrace® System treatment improves the condition of the oral cavity by eliminating dysfunctions leading to dental crowding (overlapping teeth). The advantage of Myobrace® appliances is that they are easy to use and should be worn for 1 hour every day (during normal daily activities) and throughout the night. In the end result, we achieve the correct tooth alignment, and also stabilise the corrected bite. By doing so we improve the appearance of the entire face.

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