Our baby’s first tooth is a long-awaited and important moment! It usually appears at the age of 5 – 6 months, but this can also happen significantly earlier or later. It depends on the individual – every child has its own time. When it happens, it is worth buying the first toothbrush to clean those tiny teeth. Around the first year of life, we introduce gentle tooth brushing. At this time, it is side teeth that erupt, which have grooves and cusps.

How to recognize teething

If we want to make sure that our baby is teething, we can use a clean metal teaspoon and gently tap it against the baby’s gum. If the tooth is already piercing through the gums, even though you cannot see it yet, you will hear this special sound of hitting something hard. Now we can open the champagne! Our precious is developing and we will soon feel its first bites.

Teething symptoms

Unfortunately, teething is accompanied by some unpleasant sensations. The child feels pain and itching of the gums. At the moment when the tooth is beginning to erupt, the baby becomes irritable, cries frequently, puts its hands in its mouth, tries to bite all the objects it encounters and drools intensely.

Because of the pain associated with teething, children often suffer from loss of appetite, subfebrile states or even diarrhea. In addition, the body’s immunity drops, which leads to the increased risk of viral or bacterial infections. If in doubt, please contact your pediatrician.

Methods of relieving teething pain

All concerned and disturbed moms should not worry – there are effective methods of relieving teething pain and discomfort. The following measures will help our baby go through teething with ease and sleep well at night.

  • Gels containing anesthetics. Remember to use them with caution and in limited quantities.
  • Gels with chamomile with soothing effect.
  • Various teethers and pacifiers. SUPER TIP – we recommend cooling them in the fridge (never in the freezer). In this way, we will provide our child with extra relief.

Parents may be concerned about the appearance of a violet-red discoloration on their baby’s gum, known as the eruption cyst. It is the effect of the tooth crown breaking through the gum. To help your child, we suggest that you massage the area gently and use anesthetic gels mentioned above, as well as encourage the child to bite hard foods such as bread crusts. If in any doubt, please consult your dental practitioner.