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On 02 January 2014, we opened a centre in Warszawa Praga-Południe. We are closer to those of you who live or work in Śródmieście and on the right bank of the Vistula. The centre is located at Majdańska 3/7a, between roundabout Wiatraczna and the Promenada Shopping Centre.


The perfect conditions of our premises make it possible to perform all dental procedures – including the ones that require a high sterility environment and complicated surgeries under general anaesthesia. We offer a full range of products, as well as digital X-ray diagnostics and pantomographic scans with cephalometry.


We are pleased to inform you that, due to the continuously growing number of patients, we are launching our third dental office in October. Thank you for your interest and the trust you have put in us.


We are particularly happy to invite children. Our dentists specialise in the treatment of the youngest patients who, in turn, can enjoy themselves by spending time in the play-area, watching cartoons during the procedures and, afterwards, expect awards for bravery. For those overwhelmed by dental phobia, we have prepared laughing gas treatment (a tried-and-tested method for overcoming dental fear) which helps to avoid the related stress.


Taking care of our youngest patients’ health, we carry out prophylactic campaigns in cooperation with the educational institutions located nearby. If you are interested in organising another campaign for your kindergarten or school, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Feel free to book your appointments!
Telephone: 22-270-67-80, 512-372-710


Looking forward to your contact,
Dr Marzena Ilnicka-Dąbrowska
Medical Manager at DentaCare

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