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Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that is responsible for enhancing the appearance of dentition, thereby allowing patients to achieve an ideal shape and colour of teeth. However, it should be borne in mind that sometimes a dental professional can advise against or refuse to perform a teeth whitening procedure. The patient’s health is of overriding importance. Therefore, in individuals with very sensitive teeth, damaged enamel, exposed dentin, imperfect dental restorations, calculus and dental deposit, as well as untreated caries, the whitening procedures will be strongly advised against until the contraindications have been eliminated. Moreover, whitening procedures are not used in pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Denta Care offers one of two methods of chemical whitening: teeth whitening in a dental surgery or at home.
Teeth whitening at the dentist’s

During a single appointment, the patient’s teeth are covered with a special gel and then exposed to the Beyond whitening lamp for 10 minutes. This procedure is repeated three times during the appointment, which makes the teeth a few shades brighter. When needed, the treatment can be performed once again after a week, using a single 10-minute cycle. This whitening procedure is convenient, effective and characterised by minimal severity and time of post-treatment teeth sensitivity. Such symptoms are often not present at all.
Teeth whitening at home

Some patients choose a whitening method which can be applied at home. Of course, the treatment is strictly specified and controlled by a dental professional. It takes more time than the method used in a dental surgery. The most popular whitening preparations include Nite White, Opalescense and Illumine. They are intended for home applications for a period of approximately 7-10 days.
Other methods

Veneers are a minimally invasive method of correcting the shape and colour of teeth. Before they are attached, part of a tooth is trimmed together with the incisal edge, but to a significantly smaller extent than in the case of dental crowns.
Sometimes it is possible to attach veneers without trimming the surface of a tooth. The fact that veneers are less invasive than dental crowns also reduces the risk of complications such as pulpitis (inflammation of the pulp).

Veneers on all the front teeth make it possible to achieve natural looking dentition of ideal shape and colour, even if the patient’s own teeth were initially shifted, tilted or retracted.
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Specialists performing the procedure:
Agnieszka Skulimowska

Dr Skulimowska began her medical practice in 2015 after graduating from Warsaw Medical University. She specialises in conservative and aesthetic dentistry. Her commitment and approach to work is guided by the principle that the patient’s well-being is most important, and believes in involving the patient in finding the best treatment.

  • 7th International West-East Dental Conference.
  • Medical course in: Contemporary trends in endodontics - treating the root system while simultaneous rinsing with the SAF system.
  • Aesthetics course. Orthodontics. Photographic and film records. Digital smile design.
  • 9th International West-East Dental Conference. Modern diagnostic methods and treatment in dentistry.
  • "Endo Day" medical course

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  • A child-friendly dentist
Natalia Złotkowska-Kulik Dentist

I graduated from the Medical University in Białystok and always knew I wanted to go into dentistry. It was as early as in my secondary school when I decided to choose a Biology-Chemistry class. In 2012, I obtained my graduation diploma with the title of dental practitioner. After my graduation, I spent one year doing a postgraduate internship in Białystok, where I could broaden my knowledge gained at the university under the supervision of experienced specialists. Having completed the internship, I landed a job in Denta Care in Ursynów, where I have already been working for 3 years.

My work gives me a lot of satisfaction, a sense of professional fulfilment, which leads to the satisfaction of my patients, including the youngest of them. I deal with conservative dentistry, endodontics, whitening, simple dental surgeries and, above all, I expand my knowledge in the area of prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry. Those are the field of medicine I would like to dedicate my future career to. I have also begun attending implant prosthodontics courses, which will help me perform restorative works on implants. I perform dental treatment under inhalation sedation in adults and children, who bring a lot of smile and joy into my daily work. As a consequence, I am very fond of working with them.

At my leisure I like to cook or go to the cinema or theatre. I am interested in medical advancements and travelling, which helps me recharge my batteries so I can work and face new challenges.

  • “Diagnostics and treatment of cranio-facio-occlusal deformations”
  • “Clinical aspects of making permanent restorations, especially prosthodontic crowns and bridges”
  • Spring Podlasie’s Dental Meetings Augustów 2013
  • “Difficult cases in endodontic treatment”
  • A training course on radiological protection of patients
  • “How to reconstruct a single missing tooth – making an adhesion bridge using the direct and indirect methods using suspension-type polyaramid fibres”.
  • “Indirect composite reconstructions in posterior teeth – inlay, onlay, overlay and endocrown restorations”
  • “Stress-free, safe and easy – reconstruction of teeth in the posterior section”
  • “Clinical aspects of making permanent restorations, especially prosthodontic crowns and bridges”
  • “Complete prosthodontic reconstruction – from examination to follow-up appointments”
  • “How to plan and make implant-retained reconstructions of incisors, premolars and molars. Is implant the patient’s own tooth?”
  • “Rubber dam – is this difficult?”
  • “Whitening – whitening techniques at home and in a dental office in accordance with the applicable Polish law”
  • “Ergonomic work with composite veneers – a new alternative for patients”

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