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Implant prosthetics

Implant prosthetics are the last stage of the implant-prosthetic treatment. Once the implants heal (achieve osseointegration), we can proceed with making the prosthetics imitating the lost teeth of a patient. New beautiful, strong permanently fixed teeth, enable chewing all foods, which gives full satisfaction. The type, number and position of the implants placed in the bone during the surgical phase of the treatment strictly adhere to the scheduled prosthetic work. In most cases, while implants heal, we supply the patient with temporary prosthetics.

Specialists performing the procedure:
  • A child-friendly dentist
Izabela Osuch Dentist

I graduated from the Medical Academy of Warsaw at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. I have many years of experience in the field of prosthodontics and implant prosthodontics. My openness to children and adults alike makes it possible for them to rely on me at any time. My extensive practical and theoretical knowledge is constantly broadened through participation in a series of conferences and training sessions in the area of prosthodontics, aesthetic dentistry, implant prosthodontics and endodontics. At work, I am primarily focused on the wellbeing of patients.

Interests: classical music, mountain climbing.

  • Straumann, expectations versus clinical reality. The current state of knowledge on aesthetic dental implantology.
  • Post-treatment care of patients in implant prosthodontics.
  • The 7th Warsaw Course, Endodontics – Periodontology – Prosthodontics – Implant treatment.

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