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Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that treats periodontal diseases affecting the gums, alveolar bone, periodontium and cementum. Periodontal diseases are almost as common as dental caries. Therefore, the treatment and prevention adequate to the severity of the disease are not to be overestimated.

Denta Care centres offer comprehensive treatment encompassing the ultrasonic removal of tartar, curettage, alveolar process augmentation, splinting of wobbly teeth and gum transplants.

Specialists performing the procedure:
Dawid Gwizdała Dentist

Dentist with 16 years of professional experience.

His career credo is a comprehensive approach to dentistry, with an individual approach to patients.

He has worked and gained professional experience in Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands, and he communicates fluently with patients in English.

In his spare time he likes to engage in water sports, read books and listen to music.

Conservative dentistryEndodonticsDental surgeryPeriodontologyTreatment of children/PaedodonticsGeneral anaesthesiaInhalatory sedation
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Erwin Kaczmarek Dentist

A graduate of the Poznan University of Medical Sciences.

  • Resection treatment: "Destroy, but do it for health"
  • Non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease for doctors and hygienists
  • Basics of periodontal surgery and microsurgery: "Be like a butterfly"
  • Regenerative Therapy
  • International Congress: "15th anniversary of the Polish Association of Dental Students" and "The Children's Ombudsman’s Conference on the role of the dentist in recognising symptoms of violence against children"
  • XII Scientific-Training Conference: "Progress in Sports Medicine"
  • Scientific Conference: "Recent Advances in Surgery - Poznan 2012"
  • Dental News VII - New Horizons

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  • Child-friendly dentist
  • English-speaking patients
Agnieszka Peret Dentist

Wdraża najnowszą wiedzę w opiekę nad pacjentami z chorobą przyzębia. Wykonuje specjalistyczne zabiegi z zakresu periodontologii: regeneracji kości, pokrycia recesji dziąsłowych, pogłębienia przedsionka, gingiwektomii/gingiwoplastyki, gingiwoosteoplastyki, plastyki wędzidełek warg i języka, wydłużania koron zębów do protetycznego leczenia, usuwania guzków błon śluzowych, pobierania wycinków do badań histopatologicznych.
A graduate of the Medical Academy in Warsaw. Since she began working professionally she has been associated with the Periodontology Clinic at the Mazowieckie Centre of Dentistry in Warsaw, where she completed her specialty training in October 2013 receiving the title of periodontist. She actively improves her qualifications especially in the field of periodontal and mucocutaneous -gingival surgery. Implements the latest knowledge in the treatment of patients with periodontal disease. Performs specialised treatments in periodontics: bone regeneration, coverage of gingival recession, vestibule deepening, gingivectomy/gingivoplasty, gingival-osteoplasty, plastics of lips and tongue frenulum, crown lengthening for the prosthetic treatment, the removal of mucosal lesions, biopsy for histopathological examination.

  • Laser therapy
  • From thrush to cancer- diagnosis of changes in the mucous membranes of the oral cavity in general periodontics practice
  • Electro-surgery
  • Problems with mucosal-gingival bone surgical treatment
  • Aesthetic problems in the treatment of patients with periodontal diseases
  • Periodontics
  • Lengthening of clinical teeth crowns from the point of view of practitioner
  • Gingival recession
  • Tissue regeneration

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PeriodontologyDental surgeryRemoval of dental calculus (scaling)Dental Check-upDiagnosticsInhalatory sedation
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  • A child-friendly dentist
Justyna Stankiewicz Dentist

I graduated from Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical Academy in Warsaw (1994). Since 1995 I have served as an assistant at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Military Medical Academy (WAM) in Warsaw. In 1997, I obtained the title of 1st degree specialist in general dentistry, which was followed by the title of 2nd degree specialist in periodontology in 2001.

After the transformation of the Polyclinic at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Military Medical Academy (WAM) into SP ZOZ (health service institution), I work in the department of Oral Mucosa and Periodontium Diseases of the Dental Clinic in this unit.

I authored and co-authored numerous publications, primarily revolving around the application of lasers in the treatment of mucosal and periodontal diseases.

In 2010, I acquired the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences at the Medical University of Warsaw.

I have been working in the Denta Care Clinic in Bemowo since its foundation, taking care of a large number of patients.

In my private life, I enjoy travels, cats and science-fiction.

  • Modern laser therapy and laser diagnostics in dental procedures
  • The Nd:YAG laser in endodontics and periodontology” – speech
  • Assessment of periodontal tissue reaction
  • “Thermographic Assessment of Thermal
  • New applications of the Er:YAG laser in periodontology. Laser scaling
  • Assessing the reactions of a rat’s dental pulp to the Nd:YAG laser beam during preparation of the gingival crevice and simulation of the vitality test – part II
  • Macroscopic comparison of the healing dynamics for tongue wounds inflicted by a scalper and CO2 laser under experimental conditions
  • Thermographic assessment of the thermal effects of the Er:YAG laser in periodontological surgery.
  • Assessment of the Er:YAG laser effects on soft tissues in periodontological surgery” – presentation
  • Thermographic assessment of the thermal effects of the Er:YAG laser in periodontological surgery.
  • Current standards of diagnostics and treatment in paediatrics and family medicine
  • Histological assessment of the healing processes of soft tissues affected by the Er:YAG laser – initial report – presentation
  • Histological assessment of the healing processes of soft tissues affected by the Er:YAG laser
  • The conditions of dentition and periodontium in soldiers beginning their military service.
  • The application of modern clinical methods in contemporary dental prosthodontics

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