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Tooth loss is not only an aesthetic problem but it also entails reduction in the mastication (chewing) capacity and disturbed functions of the temporomandibular joints. Missing teeth can also lead to serious headaches.

Prosthodontic restorations can be divided into permanent ones, which are cemented in the oral cavity without being able to be removed, and removable ones, which can be taken out of the mouth.

Permanent restorations:

Veneers are porcelain or composite restorations glued to the labial surface of teeth. They are primarily used to correct the shape of a tooth or change its colour.

Inlays and onlays – usually made of gold, porcelain or a composite material, they are mounted on a single tooth and replace traditional “fillings”.

Crowns and bridges – these restorations are permanently anchored on previously trimmed teeth. They are used in the case of significant and extensive damage to the natural crown of a tooth which cannot be repaired by means of filling materials. Moreover, they are often used to enhance dental aesthetics. Crowns can be subdivided into metal and porcelain crowns.

Dental posts and cores are restorations cemented in the root canal of an endodontically treated tooth.

Removable restorations:

Skeletal dentures – used when the tooth gaps are too extensive to be filled with a bridge. They are made up of metallic framework equipped with clasps and pins. The clasps are responsible for holding the dentures in place while the pins are protrusions that lean against the surfaces of chewing teeth and transfer the masticatory (chewing) forces through the teeth and periodontium onto the jaw bone, which is beneficial for the body.

Specialists performing the procedure:
  • A child-friendly dentist
  • English-speaking patients
Aneta Garczyńska Dentist

A graduate of the Medical Academy in Szczecin in 2000, having 16 years of professional experience in working with children and adults both in Poland and abroad (the UK).

ProsthodonticsRemoval of dental calculus (scaling)Dental Check-upTooth fluoridationSandblastingConservative dentistryDiagnosticsInhalatory sedationEndodontics
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Karolina Karońska Dentist

A graduate of the Poznan University of Medical Sciences.

  • Medical course: "Back to the Roots - looking for the Future"
  • Medical course: "Intraosseous Anaesthesia in General Practice"
  • Medical course: "Basic Course of Implantology"
  • Modern procedures in dental implantology
  • Medical course: "Opportunities in implant treatment determined by the shape of the implant"
  • "Standards of Modern Dentistry"
  • "Modern clinical procedures in daily implant practice"
  • "Implants: Idea- Art-Practice: Risks and complications in practice"
  • Medical course: "Ceramic Aesthetic Solutions"
  • "Practical Dentistry in the 21st Century"
  • "Global Dentistry News"
  • „Bone Management Training Course”
  • Medical course: "Digital Dentistry - performing all-ceramic CEREC restorations"
  • Medical training: "Improving the ability to perform CEREC dental restorations based on clinical examples and scientific research"
  • "Designing and planning of aesthetic implant treatment - recipe for success according to the knowledge and standards of conduct by J.Kois"
  • Medical course: "Full DSD Workshop & Live Demo"
  • "Occlusion in the diagnosis, planning and treatment of functional and aesthetic disorders of masticatory apparatus"
  • Medical course: "Prosthetic Reconstruction on Implants – level II"
  • Medical course: "OCCLUSION- Aesthetics--Function Prosthetics- Orthodontics- Surgery"
  • Completion of the course: "The course of advanced academy of gnathology and implant prosthetics"
  • Medical course: "Prosthetic Reconstruction on Implants – advanced course"

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Katarzyna Lasek – Tarasewicz Dentist

A graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University of Warsaw. Earlier, she had attended the Mikołaj Rej High School in Warsaw. She completed her postgraduate practice and internship at the Department of Prosthodontics at the Medical University of Warsaw. In 2011 she received the title of specialist in dental prosthetics.

Katarzyna has also gained professional experience in state-run medical facilities and commercial dental clinics in the country. Her professional experience includes internships in dental clinics in France and Luxembourg. For the past ten years she has been working with Doctor Piotr Okonski at the clioic in Warsaw’s Ochota district. She is also currently employed as a specialist in dental prosthetics at the Medicover Medical Centre.

Author of publications in professional literature on conservative dentistry and prosthetics, including clinical applications of dental ceramics and zirconia. She has also given presentations and lectures at dental conferences. She constantly gains new knowledge by participating in numerous training courses.

In her spare time, she loves to travel. She is a wife and a mother of two daughters.

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  • Speaks English – advanced
Natalia Malec Dentist

Graduated from the Poznań University of Medical Sciences in 2015

  • "Preparing teeth for crowns and bridges. An atraumatic technique."
  • "Microscopic course of primary root canal treatment - how to avoid trouble?"
  • "Radiological protection of the patient"
  • "VIII, IX, XI Dental News Conference"
  • "FDI Dental Congress"
  • "Atraumatic local anaesthesia techniques in dentistry
  • "minimally invasive solutions in modern dentistry"
  • "Endodontic pain emergency and first aid)"
  • "Periodontal disorders affecting the aesthetics of the dentition. Causes and treatment"
  • "Training in working with medical loupes"

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Conservative dentistryEndodonticsTreatment of children/PaedodonticsProsthodonticsRemoval of dental calculus (scaling)Dental Check-upDiagnostics
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  • A child-friendly dentist
Izabela Osuch Dentist

I graduated from the Medical Academy of Warsaw at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. I have many years of experience in the field of prosthodontics and implant prosthodontics. My openness to children and adults alike makes it possible for them to rely on me at any time. My extensive practical and theoretical knowledge is constantly broadened through participation in a series of conferences and training sessions in the area of prosthodontics, aesthetic dentistry, implant prosthodontics and endodontics. At work, I am primarily focused on the wellbeing of patients.

Interests: classical music, mountain climbing.

  • Straumann, expectations versus clinical reality. The current state of knowledge on aesthetic dental implantology.
  • Post-treatment care of patients in implant prosthodontics.
  • The 7th Warsaw Course, Endodontics – Periodontology – Prosthodontics – Implant treatment.

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ProsthodonticsImplant prostheticsEndodonticsTreatment of children/PaedodonticsSealingRemoval of dental calculus (scaling)Dental Check-upTooth fluoridationSandblastingConservative dentistryDiagnosticsInhalatory sedation
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  • English-speaking patients
Magdalena Walkowiak Dentist

A graduate of the Poznan University of Medical Sciences in the area of Dental Hygiene. She has 8 years of experience working in the profession, and has been working at Denta Care since January 2017. She actively assists during conservative and surgical procedures. At Denta Care she works as a Dental Assistant. In addition to working with the doctor she maintains order in the office, including taking care of the sterilisation and disinfection of dental instruments.

Here work is her passion, which is why she actively participates in numerous training courses to improve her qualifications, and be able to independently carry out hygiene and oral care procedures..

Conservative dentistryProsthodonticsMicroscope-controlled endodonticsTreatment of children/PaedodonticsRemoval of dental calculus (scaling)Dental Check-upTooth fluoridationSandblastingDiagnostics
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  • A child-friendly dentist
Natalia Złotkowska-Kulik Dentist

I graduated from the Medical University in Białystok and always knew I wanted to go into dentistry. It was as early as in my secondary school when I decided to choose a Biology-Chemistry class. In 2012, I obtained my graduation diploma with the title of dental practitioner. After my graduation, I spent one year doing a postgraduate internship in Białystok, where I could broaden my knowledge gained at the university under the supervision of experienced specialists. Having completed the internship, I landed a job in Denta Care in Ursynów, where I have already been working for 3 years.

My work gives me a lot of satisfaction, a sense of professional fulfilment, which leads to the satisfaction of my patients, including the youngest of them. I deal with conservative dentistry, endodontics, whitening, simple dental surgeries and, above all, I expand my knowledge in the area of prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry. Those are the field of medicine I would like to dedicate my future career to. I have also begun attending implant prosthodontics courses, which will help me perform restorative works on implants. I perform dental treatment under inhalation sedation in adults and children, who bring a lot of smile and joy into my daily work. As a consequence, I am very fond of working with them.

At my leisure I like to cook or go to the cinema or theatre. I am interested in medical advancements and travelling, which helps me recharge my batteries so I can work and face new challenges.

  • “Diagnostics and treatment of cranio-facio-occlusal deformations”
  • “Clinical aspects of making permanent restorations, especially prosthodontic crowns and bridges”
  • Spring Podlasie’s Dental Meetings Augustów 2013
  • “Difficult cases in endodontic treatment”
  • A training course on radiological protection of patients
  • “How to reconstruct a single missing tooth – making an adhesion bridge using the direct and indirect methods using suspension-type polyaramid fibres”.
  • “Indirect composite reconstructions in posterior teeth – inlay, onlay, overlay and endocrown restorations”
  • “Stress-free, safe and easy – reconstruction of teeth in the posterior section”
  • “Clinical aspects of making permanent restorations, especially prosthodontic crowns and bridges”
  • “Complete prosthodontic reconstruction – from examination to follow-up appointments”
  • “How to plan and make implant-retained reconstructions of incisors, premolars and molars. Is implant the patient’s own tooth?”
  • “Rubber dam – is this difficult?”
  • “Whitening – whitening techniques at home and in a dental office in accordance with the applicable Polish law”
  • “Ergonomic work with composite veneers – a new alternative for patients”

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Dental surgeryConservative dentistryProsthodonticsTreatment of children/PaedodonticsDiagnosticsInhalatory sedationAesthetic dentistryEndodontics
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