• A child-friendly dentist

Joanna Gorczyca


In 2005 I graduated from the Subfaculty of Dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Gdańsk. Since then I have continued to broaden my knowledge by participating in courses and training. I deal with conservative treatment of adults and children. It’s the youngest patients I devote most of my attention and interest to. I’m currently in the process of obtaining specialisation in the field of paediatric dentistry.

Privately, I’m a mother of two daughters and admirer of Italian opera and cuisine.


  • Modern methods of root canal treatment using the RECIPROC system. Closing of perforations, use of collagen matrix.
  • Radiation protection of patients for dental practitioners performing medical radiological procedures
  • Qui bene diagnostic bene curat, a word about the most common mistakes in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, face and neck
  • Handling challenging clinical situations in dentistry
  • Prescriptions, refunds, doctor liability for prescribing wrong medications, refund returns. Optimal contacts with medical representatives.
  • Dealing with stress and preventing work burnout
  • Priorities and nuances of clinical work using composite materials
  • Dentist Practitioner Forum, Warsaw
  • Conditions of occupational health and safety, fire protection and emergency assistance in the doctor’s and dentist’s office.
  • Minimally invasive dentistry
  • Techniques to remove root-crown posts and broken root canal instruments, as well as endodontic surgery
  • Negotiation techniques – workshops
  • Difficult endodontic cases - maximum diagnosis, minimum intervention
  • Simple endodontics. Manual and mechanical preparation of root canals
  • Selected aspects of endodontic treatment - perforations - re-treatment
  • The strength of fibreglass post and screening to detect abnormal conditions of the oral cavity - Visilite Plus System
  • Endodontic re-treatment - technique of removing old material and broken endodontic instruments from root canals. Endodontic microsurgery
  • Patient with cardiovascular disease in the dental office
  • The treatment of soft tissue muco-gingival area in various dental procedures
  • Teeth Whitening as a standard of modern dentistry
  • Pre-implant diagnostics, planning of prosthetic restorations on implants


  • Conservative dentistry
  • Treatment of children/Paedodontics
  • Sealing
  • Removal of dental calculus (scaling)
  • Dental Check-up
  • Tooth fluoridation
  • Sandblasting
  • Diagnostics
  • Inhalatory sedation
  • Endodontics