• A child-friendly dentist

Natalia Złotkowska-Kulik


I graduated from the Medical University in Białystok and always knew I wanted to go into dentistry. It was as early as in my secondary school when I decided to choose a Biology-Chemistry class. In 2012, I obtained my graduation diploma with the title of dental practitioner. After my graduation, I spent one year doing a postgraduate internship in Białystok, where I could broaden my knowledge gained at the university under the supervision of experienced specialists. Having completed the internship, I landed a job in Denta Care in Ursynów, where I have already been working for 3 years.

My work gives me a lot of satisfaction, a sense of professional fulfilment, which leads to the satisfaction of my patients, including the youngest of them. I deal with conservative dentistry, endodontics, whitening, simple dental surgeries and, above all, I expand my knowledge in the area of prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry. Those are the field of medicine I would like to dedicate my future career to. I have also begun attending implant prosthodontics courses, which will help me perform restorative works on implants. I perform dental treatment under inhalation sedation in adults and children, who bring a lot of smile and joy into my daily work. As a consequence, I am very fond of working with them.

At my leisure I like to cook or go to the cinema or theatre. I am interested in medical advancements and travelling, which helps me recharge my batteries so I can work and face new challenges.


  • “Diagnostics and treatment of cranio-facio-occlusal deformations”
  • “Clinical aspects of making permanent restorations, especially prosthodontic crowns and bridges”
  • Spring Podlasie’s Dental Meetings Augustów 2013
  • “Difficult cases in endodontic treatment”
  • A training course on radiological protection of patients
  • “How to reconstruct a single missing tooth – making an adhesion bridge using the direct and indirect methods using suspension-type polyaramid fibres”.
  • “Indirect composite reconstructions in posterior teeth – inlay, onlay, overlay and endocrown restorations”
  • “Stress-free, safe and easy – reconstruction of teeth in the posterior section”
  • “Clinical aspects of making permanent restorations, especially prosthodontic crowns and bridges”
  • “Complete prosthodontic reconstruction – from examination to follow-up appointments”
  • “How to plan and make implant-retained reconstructions of incisors, premolars and molars. Is implant the patient’s own tooth?”
  • “Rubber dam – is this difficult?”
  • “Whitening – whitening techniques at home and in a dental office in accordance with the applicable Polish law”
  • “Ergonomic work with composite veneers – a new alternative for patients”


  • Dental surgery
  • Conservative dentistry
  • Prosthodontics
  • Treatment of children/Paedodontics
  • Diagnostics
  • Inhalatory sedation
  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Endodontics