Karolina Karońska


A graduate of the Poznan University of Medical Sciences.


  • Medical course: "Back to the Roots - looking for the Future"
  • Medical course: "Intraosseous Anaesthesia in General Practice"
  • Medical course: "Basic Course of Implantology"
  • Modern procedures in dental implantology
  • Medical course: "Opportunities in implant treatment determined by the shape of the implant"
  • "Standards of Modern Dentistry"
  • "Modern clinical procedures in daily implant practice"
  • "Implants: Idea- Art-Practice: Risks and complications in practice"
  • Medical course: "Ceramic Aesthetic Solutions"
  • "Practical Dentistry in the 21st Century"
  • "Global Dentistry News"
  • „Bone Management Training Course”
  • Medical course: "Digital Dentistry - performing all-ceramic CEREC restorations"
  • Medical training: "Improving the ability to perform CEREC dental restorations based on clinical examples and scientific research"
  • "Designing and planning of aesthetic implant treatment - recipe for success according to the knowledge and standards of conduct by J.Kois"
  • Medical course: "Full DSD Workshop & Live Demo"
  • "Occlusion in the diagnosis, planning and treatment of functional and aesthetic disorders of masticatory apparatus"
  • Medical course: "Prosthetic Reconstruction on Implants – level II"
  • Medical course: "OCCLUSION- Aesthetics--Function Prosthetics- Orthodontics- Surgery"
  • Completion of the course: "The course of advanced academy of gnathology and implant prosthetics"
  • Medical course: "Prosthetic Reconstruction on Implants – advanced course"


  • Prosthodontics