DentaCare Team

The Denta Care Team is a medical staff of professionals, who continually improve their qualifications and skills to ensure that our patients receive care at the highest level. Our doctors are members of the Polish Society of Implantology and the Polish Dental Association and participate in international conferences and symposia.

Anna Biczysko – Murawa Specialist Endodontist
Olga Borovyk Dentist
Natalia Borysowicz Receptionist
Iwona Drela Receptionist
Hanna Janik Receptionist
Monika Jodko Dentist
Natalia Łękarska Dental hygienist
Roksana Nowocień Receptionist
Natasza Sassek Dental hygienist
Ewa Schlerf Dentist
Grażyna Wicka Receptionist
Karolina Witkowska Dental hygienist
Ewa Wojtyś-Leszczyńska Dentist, orthodontist
Jolanta Bamburska Dental assistant
Paulina Gadomska Dental Assistant
Inna Kenik Dental assistant
Elwira Kondrat Dental assistant
Edyta Konrat Dental assistant
Katarzyna Włodarek Dental assistant